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SEO Algorithms – Taking Things Back To Basics

Let’s say someone stopped you on the street and said to you, ‘give me a definition of SEO Algorithms‘, what would you say? Of course, you have heard of them before, in fact, you may even feel rather knowledgeable about them, however, how would you sum them up in a couple of words? It’s quite a challenge isn’t it!

Maybe you would say that it is the process involved in completing tasks. Then again, you may define it as a means you use to reach a result or a method used to solve issues or to define how to do something. They all sound rather reasonable, right? However, the world of SEO Algorithms is such a wide and complex one that sometimes we just need to take a step back from it all and get the basics back in our head again. Are you ready to do that together? Great, let’s get started!

How Do Search Engines Index The Billions Of Pages Out There

There really is a colossal amount of information out there in cyberspace. Even if you took the most boring, unheard of topic, in the world, you could be pretty certain that if you searched for it online, you would come with a host of pages to visit. Indeed, our world is a very different place to even one decade ago!

For search engines to index and arrange the billions of pages that are in cyberspace they have to make up unique identifiers. Of course, these identifiers then need to be managed. Unlike may be the case with a physical inventory process where numbers and figures are clearer, a search engine has no idea how many pages are eventually going to need to be indexed. In fact, at the rate that we are currently adding to our online world, that number can rapidly grow within a very short period of time.

Where Does Unpredictably Come Into Play?

A physical warehouse that is carrying out an inventory can use predictable patterns to give them a big helping hand. They can analyze what is in high demand, what is in low demand and what regular orders seem to come in.

We really can’t say the same for a search engine. Certainly, queries and clicks are able to be tracked, however, there are countless new queries each and every month. In fact, that figure could be as high as 20-25% new queries that come rolling in, month in and month out. In a simple word, we could call this; unpredictability. That is where SEO Algorithms really come into play.

What Is A Search Engine Really Trying To Do?

Search engines have a huge task on their hands. Ultimately, they are trying to find a resolution to a number of issues. Firstly, a huge and growing amount of inventory is hitting the online world each and every day, the design, the quality, and the quantity are all unpredictable; this needs to be managed.

Secondly, the number of requests come streaming in on a relentless basis and the search engine needs to have a way of dealing with these queries, many of which they may not have seen in a similar format before.

How Do Algorithms Work In Mathematics?

Of course, the world of mathematics just loves algorithms. However, for them to be used to solve multiple problems, the problems must belong in the same class. This means that their characteristics need to be similar. Get a more detailed view of what algorithms in mathematics are.

Is this the case in the online world? Well, take a moment to think about it; are managing data and searching data one and the same class of problems? We could hardly say so! These two processes are very different. Hence, when we talk about search engine algorithms we really are talking about a mega-algorithm which includes a lot of smaller algorithms.

For people who are trained in the world of search optimization, they may find that when they focus on each smaller algorithm separately, rather than just look at the mega-algorithm as a whole, their task becomes less complex and a little less overwhelming too!

Now, Let’s Look At SEO Algorithms

This is the process used to optimize search content. In other words, the way the web pages rank in a search engine. When design and modification are used artfully, this can give an excellent result.

When thinking about having success in his field, it can be viewed in a very simple way; getting a page to be indexed so that it is the used to respond to the highest number of queries as possible. That makes it feel a lot easier to understand, right?

What Can You Expect If You Get It Right?

It is very clear that when it comes to such algorithms, there is a lot involved in getting it right and keeping it right. However, what can you expect to happen if you do?

With a proven effective SEO Strategy, maximum optimization is the dream that you are reaching for. For example, when a single page is ranked so that it responds to 100 SEO questions.

Does This Mean To Always Be Number One?

Now, let’s get something straight here. Maximum optimization does not necessarily mean being the number one listing. It is all about ranking well for as many relevant queries as possible. This means that the page may not be at number one position, but the ranking will be excellent for a wide number of queries.

What Makes A Good Algorithm?

Simplicity is key. Once you start making things too complicated you really only make your job harder and likely less successful. You want your page to be as relevant as possible to the majority of the queries which it has indexed words for. This means that words need to be repeated, given emphasis and used in each and every possible combination.

How Can You Achieve This?

One way is by creating a page that is full of text and tries to include each and every necessary point. However, a more refreshing and constructive way could be that of analyzing how you actually construct your text. Look at where you are putting the emphasis, how you are repeating keywords and ultimately make sure that each and every word on that page counts. This may require extra repetition, changing word orders and creating patterns, but it does not necessarily mean bigger chunks of text.

How have we done in helping you to understand our topic? Certainly, no one said it would be an easy one to understand. However, if you have got this far it surely means that you have an investable interest in the topic of SEO and are keen to gain more knowledge, sharpen your skills and ultimately become more successful in what you do.

Remember, our online world is constantly growing and it looks like the sky really is the limit when it comes to what is carried out online. Now is not the time to fall behind. If you really want to stay at the top of your game you need to stay up to date with our ever-changing online world.

We hope that by taking things back to the basics and analyzing some of the elements, benefits and influences that affect SEO,  you have been able to take in a deep breath and ensure that your knowledge and experience are built on a solid basis. Whatever else, remember to enjoy and embrace our online world and everything that goes with it, that has to be one of the biggest secrets to true success.

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