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How To Search Engine Optimize Your Website

When setting up a website for your brand or your organization it’s important to have your information displayed in a clear, concise, and user-friendly way. When your SEO is organically implemented into your website, potential clients and customers are much more likely to trust you. So how is this done?

Our digital agency specializes in designing for clients across specific niches. Designing for efficient SEO that is catered to the needs of individual companies is vital. Here are some of our tips for designing with SEO in mind without hindering any of your content.

Know How To Manipulate Usability Factors

When searching for a key term in any popular engine, the AI’s goal is to provide the best possible result for the user. The best way to make sure you’re on top is simply by having the most efficient content out there. Items like keyword frequency, user dwell time, and bounce back rate all heavily influence how a platform’s bot will rank your website.

Beyond that, the rest of your success is simple. Getting more viewers to see and interact with your content means more possible revenue from advertisers. On a practical level this means that different search engines will often reward websites who put effort into their user experience. The longer a customer will linger on your page, the higher Google, Bing, and others will rank it.

Other items that help increase a page’s SEO is the amount of inbound and outbound links that are connected to your site. Building a trustworthy network allows for different platforms to know your reliability.

Social shares also help to increase your visibility. Having your content ready to share with as few clicks as possible is also beneficial to the experience.

One last item to be aware of is to not only focus on desktop usability. Over half of Google’s users come from mobile devices. Because of this, Google’s search engine prioritizes websites that are optimized for smartphones.

Design Your Content For Discovery

In order for your bots to index and crawl through your website, it needs to be able to be discovered. While artificial intelligence is complex, what they are able to do is still limited. Their expertise is restricted to text content and following links. They aren’t able to categorize pictures or other types of media.

What you want to aim towards is designing your site architecture in a way that is intuitive for potential customers to engage with. Your most valuable content should be placed high up in your websites design, in other words, above the fold. These pages should hold your most valuable keywords. From here on out, split up the remaining content into linking subpages.

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