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How Much Do Your Current Web Designers Know About SEO?

Working as a digital agency for internet SEO content and web design we have been working around the clock and rapidly expanding just to keep up with our orders. Search engine optimization is a hot and trending marketing strategy used to heighten your brand’s visibility. Do your current web designers know how to target your website with SEO in mind? Here are some foolproof signs to recognize that your web designer doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Number 1: Using Outdated Techniques

If you ask your designer what they’ll be using for your project in order to properly index your site, there are a variety of answers that they can give that you should be concerned about. If they answer with javascript, flash, or tell you it doesn’t matter – drop them immediately!

The reason for this is because search engines are horrible at being able to index content if it’s in a flash video. This is also true for images or any type of media that isn’t text. Executing in javascript can lead to horrible scenarios where your content can’t get triggered because it can’t be accessed. Correctly using HTML and CSS to create major design elements of your website is a vital part of a website’s success.

Number 2: Not Knowing Current Industry Trends

Your web designer should be aware of current industry trends. If you ask for recommendations for a home page listen carefully to their answer. Any type of splash page with flash versions of the site, large images, or movies that play immediately are all useless when it comes to having valuable SEO content on your page. If you do not use your homepage properly or set it up and a useful way, different search platforms will not be able to index it correctly.

Number 3: They Have No Idea What SEO Even Is

Your web designer should be aware of common errors and SEO redirects. They should know the difference between a 301 redirect and a 302. While users experience the same thing for both redirects, only one of the two has the benefit of inbound links. That is the 301 redirect. When it comes to web design even being aware of where things redirect and why is important.